Grand Theft Auto IV Patch

Bug fixes and updates for GTA IV


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This Grand Theft Auto IV patch fixes some of the problems that players had when using the game on their home computers.

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the more popular titles in this franchise. The game puts you behind the driver's wheel as a character named Nico Bellic and sends you to Liberty City. If you think the background looks similar to New York City, you're right. The developers based the fictional city on the real one. As Bellic, you are a recent immigrant with little knowledge about the United States. Other immigrants immediately grab you and make you work for them in their underground world.

Though you start out as a hustler working on the streets, you gain access to missions that help you move up through the criminal ranks. With each successful mission that you complete, you advance to more complicated missions and earn more cash that you can use to expand your reach. You may even work your way up to become one of the ultimate king pens in Liberty City. The action in this game just doesn't stop.

If you bought and played the game in the past, the odds are good that you probably stopped playing not long after you started. Rockstar, the company behind the game, shipped it without fixing a few minor issues that interfered with its game play. One of the more common issues related to just how much power it used. Other issues included lags and glitches that led some players giving up on the game.

This Grand Theft Auto IV patch solves some of the more common issues that you likely experienced. It reduces the amount of power that the game requires, which helps you save on your computer battery and reduces the risk of your computer overheating. It also fixes some of the glitches that caused objects to disappear in the background or when you got close to those objects.

As this is an official patch directly from the developer, you must have a version of Grand Theft Auto IV installed on your computer before the patch will take effect. Though it won't make this game the best one around, this patch will significantly improve your game play and remove some of the issues you dealt with in the past.


  • Improves some of the more common graphics issues and glitches
  • Downloads and works quickly
  • Official patch directly from the game's developer
  • Improves the look of replays you watch


  • Doesn't reduce all the power the game needs
  • Doesn't fix all the problems and complaints that players had
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